In today’s busy world everyone is fed up from his hectic and tight schedule of work. Everyone wants to have relaxed and tension free environment. To be tension free and relaxed one has to travel a place where he can find his soul and body in comfort. In today’s materialistic world if a person can find himself relax he must travel and visit a place where he can enjoy the nature and the beauty of that particular place. There are many places to visit in Pakistan but one of the beautiful places in Pakistan is Naran, Kaghan valley.

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Naran is a town located in upper Kaghan valley in district Mansehra Khyber Pakhtunkhva of Pakistan. Naran is located 119 kilometers from Mansehra city. The altitude of Naran valley from Mansehra is 2,409 meters. Kunhar River is also passing through the valley. Narran is connected by Naran road from Mansehra.  The tourist session starts from June and ends at the end of August. During the session transport system operates in a normal way between Mansehra and Naran. The vehicles used for transportation are cars, jeeps, and taxis. On the arrival of winter heavy snowfall blocks the road for transportation.The climate in the valley remains cold through the year. The climate is subtropical highland. In summer there is frequent rainfall while in winter a heavy snowfall. Even, when the weather is dry Naran has plenty of rainfall there. The average annual temperature is 10.1 °C.


Naran , Khagan Valley are greenery and lofty mountains. Overall all the valley is worth visiting but some of the places must be visited by the tourist. Some of them are following.



A hill station situated at 30 kilometers distance from Balakot. Shogran is famous because of its greenery, pine forest, and its scenic views. For accommodation in Shogran Pine Park Shogran is at your service.  People love to enjoy the tallest trees talking to sky.

Siri Paye

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Siri Paye

It is one of the cutest and beautiful places on earth crust. It is famous for its view and most importantly for its greenery. It is like a green carpet covered by the earth and tress. It is situated 6 kilometers away from Shogran. The greenery of the Siri Paye attracts all the visitors and is perfect place to make photography. 

The Anso Jheel

Ansoo Jheel
Ansoo Jheel

One of the attractive jheel in the valley is Ansoo Jheel. It is worth watching because of the surrounding environment and sceneries.  Jheel has various birds to fly in.

Saif-ul-Malook Lake

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Saif-ul-Malook Lake

It is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. If the lake is not visited it will be unfair on part of the tour. Story of Prince of Persia is associated with this lake.  There are beautiful scenes of forest to watch. This lake has also other stories connected with it.

Babusar Top

Babusar Top
Babusar Top

A mountainous pass connecting Thak Nall with Chilas is 70 kilometer from Naran. Its lofty view is lovely to watch. The top view of the pass compels the people to stay there and enjoy the view of the valley from above.

Lalusar Lake

It is a small lake but beautiful to watch because of the birds flying around and in the lake. It is at Lalusar Dudipatsar National Park. Not only the lake attracts visitors but also the birds and animals there are worth noting.The malika parbat It is also known as the queen of the mountains. It is the highest peak in the valley. The view of the ranges of the mountains bounds the visitor to stay here and enjoy the natural beauty.The Dudipatsar Lake It is one of the beautiful lakes in Naran, Kaghan valley. It is also called the queen of the lake as it is one of the beautiful lakes in the world. The mechanism of the flow of water in this lake is like a magic of magician. The Sat-Sar Mala Lake the wonderful combination of 6 lakes is wonderful to watch. Tourists enjoy the merger of the water flow from the combination of the lakes. The lakes are connected in such a way that visitors are astonished and speechless at this particular point in the valley.

Kunhar River

The river flows from Afghanistan is also presenting a beautiful sketch of nature. There is a bridge for safe travel over the river. The deepness and wideness of the river are beautiful to watch and observe.The Fairy Land Naran It is one of the beautiful sketch of the nature and is discovered in 2014. It is also worth visiting place. It is the most suitable place to make photos and shot videos.


The rate of hotels in Naran, Kaghan valley is not static it keeps changing according to the season and weather. Although, the rates keep changing but the lowest rate starts from 3000 per night to 14000 per night.


To have an adventurous weekend, memorable trip, and enjoyable moments one must visit this magical valley. It is a must visit place in Pakistan. There are top quality restaurants and hotels to serve tourists in various capacities.We are the leading service providers regarding hotel booking in naran.  We also offer different touring packages along with transport services from major cities of Pakistan to Naran, Kaghan valley.  Feel free to contact for best services regarding tourism.


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